IFN MasterClass Series X Adobe

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Problem Statement

Create real world conversations about Adobe XD with a captive audience of creative professionals through an organic narrative, highlighting the benefits.

Our Solution

A 6-part IFN Masterclass series programmed for Adobe, brought together handpicked industry veterans and a captive creative audience to discuss and learn more about macro-level design philosophies and the value of Adobe products.


Touchpoints with organisations
Events across Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi

Campaign Highlights

Mentor Curation

Experts from a range of fields relevant to the product handpicked for 6 sessions across 6 cities in India.

Content Programming

Brand narrative integrated into the content programming of the IFN Masterclass series.

Digital Outreach

Targetting the right audience through social media, influencer promotion, emailers, and more.

Insight Mapping

Research and understanding of community needs through data collection at the events.

Post- event

Content creation and promotion on social platforms to further increase the reach.