Change the Canvas: Faber Castell X IFN

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Problem Statement

Inspire creators at scale to participate in challenging artistic restrictions and amplify the reach of Faber Castell’s ‘Change the Canvas’ initiative.

Our Solution

Enthusiastic influencers matched to create an ongoing conversation between the community and the campaign, multiplying the reach with the help of curated content generation, contests, and live events.


Influencers Activated
Views on Instagram Stories
Canvases Transformed

Campaign Highlights

Influencer curation

30 popular creators curated to create awareness around the initiative through instagram takeovers and their individual social channels

Content Creation

Innovative canvasses transformed by influencers using Faber-castell products.

Contest Activation

Pan-India social media contest driven through influencers generated further content from participants around the initiative.

Offline Art Mixer

Workshop hosted in Mumbai to announce the winners and display merchandise and live art to further drive conversation around the brand.